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  1. @Jmarc Bonjour, Merci de tout coeur pour la reponse, precise et rapide. Mes meilleurs voeux, Mark
  2. Subject: Change shock absorber for shock absorber Dear colleagues, I have a rd28tdi, made in 1999. I had heard noise from my side (driver). I just looked at it and found a shock absorber to be worn out so this is the snap. My intention is to change the two absorbers, left and right. My question is the following : Do I have to lift the frame to release any tension? Mine is separated from the car spring (photo). Subject: Changer l’absorbeur de choc pour l’amortisseur Chers collègues, J'ai une rd28tdi, fabriqué en 19
  3. Vilabrechuin? Comes up as Bolshevik 🤣 I understand. No worries, this will be tough though. Video Jeff posted was how I was/am here. Be well, it'll get sorted, all things do one way or another. Thank you.
  4. @phdv61 Hi Phil, I'll give the translate a go, it will be tough. Example: crankshaft = arbore cutit in Rou. But I'll give it a shot. Be well 👍
  5. @phdv61 Hi Phil, as you know. I gave myself 4 weeks, either to diagnose, or solve the problem. I'm quite pleased, at least that issue has gone (rough idle). So it would seem, my car stays a while longer. There are pressures on keeping such an old car, but I have to say, that each time I get in the old girl, I get to know it a little better. Thank you to the people who offered advice. Job not done, but I still have it, it is not in a scrapyard, I have kept it away from warlord mechanics. So far. Thank you again my French forum 👍
  6. Hi Mate, not really sure. I do think I need to look at U joints, there's a lag sometimes. Could it be that? It's almost inaudible, there's no physical difference, no clue what it might be at this point. It does go away on a sooooo light touch of the clutch pedal. Anyway, it's nice to have the engine stable again, nice on the roads, a little slower, but I don't race around like these idiots. I have not as yet checked gearbox fluid level. I get a bit dizzy sometimes under the car. But it has to be done. As you said to me long ago now. "Learning through exper
  7. Thought I'd update you. I waited for a dryer morning, same approx temps. Same route, same stop, same amount of time at stop. Same route back. Around 30kms. I'm happy to report the rough idle is no longer there. I had a dual problem. Actuator and bad after market fuel chip Now I have to think if I should replace the throttle body to return it back to factory. I do still have that ticking sound. It was never rpm related, so I'll take it to somone with more knowledge than I. Thank you for your attention. Be well 👍
  8. With the permission of the forum owners, readers. I would like to condense this topic after I've made conclusions tomorrow please. Sometimes a reader can wade through words, without finding what the author found, the results, right or wrong. It might help a newbie like myself in a quest for knowledge, but what it will also do, is make things more apparent after taking away technique. Thank you.
  9. Poured and poured again today, quite tired of the wet. Last year was a washout. Anyway, tomorrow am it goes out. I didn't want to get stuck in that. Initial findings though are. 1. Correct rpm. 2. Quieter engine. Thanks Phil 👍
  10. Horrible thing, my mechanic who worked on it, put it there because it came with parts. I wasn't asked. Tomorrow I'll know more. I do have a clutch problem, but only a soft ticking noise. Other than that, no other symptoms, aside from rough idle connected (so far) with flywheel. I hope! I think this piece of $%$#! Has been giving me false positives all along. I do not recommend anyone installing a device like this. I have a 30k round trip in the morning. By then, if something bad does not happen, I'll know for sure. As an analogy. Why fit a pacemaker to someone who does not
  11. In an effort to rule out simple things, I just removed this horrid thing. For sure, the actuator was sticking, but for a long time I've suspected this device as causing trouble. I've no idea why someone would add this to a very old car. Started much quieter than I remember. Yes, the clutch may be at fault. But this was a simple test. Let you know tomorrow after a longer drive. Flywheel prices are horrible! We pay in €. But are not paid in €. Thanks 👍
  12. @phdv61 I checked for current. I only got 0.05 on ign. I used a paperclip to bridge ign and check. Nothing. Started car, still nothing. I'm not surprised. This year was supposed to be about electrical clean-up. Clutch decided, 'not yet boy!'. 😢 Thanks people 👍
  13. Thank you. It looks like replacement all round now.
  14. Shortly, I'll be doing various tests including those suggested by @phdv61 Thanks Phil 👍 At lunch I studied many videos regarding DMF failure. One I saw described/showed another symptom which I think is missed. On parking, turning the key to OFF. The whole car shudders. Mine does this. I cannot remember if it has always been like that. But now there are 3 symptoms. 1. Clicking sound that goes away on clutch pedal depressed. 2. Rough idle. (Mines intermittent). 3. Car shaking on shutdown. I had a fair few cars over the years. Never had a clutch problem, h
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