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  1. Hi everyone, Just as I was supposed to post photo documentation about chassis stripping and rebuild on Christmas day my engine went boom, just got it 2 weeks ago. Car is not yet at the 4x4 shop that does all the work for me. Y2000, 275 000km, full NADS kit. I'm not looking at rebuilding mine as it haf a rebuild before and the head is probably gone also, my flywheel started to show signs about future breaking (small oil leaks) and injection pump operates at the lower end of specs (ICV% 50). But I have almost all new auxillaries, turbo, intercooler, water pump, belt tensioner, glo
  2. Thanks everyone for your welcome! @phdv61 Well it sounds like it was a good experience, did you went with the Patrol?
  3. Yeah, parts of the chassis were starting to show signs of heavy rust, its a big problem with 4x4 vehicles in Croatia, salt on the road in the winter and Patrols are generally prone to rust I decided to sandblast it to remove all of the rust while its not to late and to protect it so I can enjoy it for a long time. There are so little serious offroaders remained and import is too expensive. Body is generally in solid condition, while its removed the shop will check for rust in sheet metal, if its heavy they will cut it out and weld new metal @phdv61 I read about dual setup dawes &
  4. Here is my "Bigfoot" which will get larger tires in the future, for now its still "Smallfoot" 😁 275 000km, year 2000, I have it past 2 years, its my daily driver, weekend warrior etc. Engine work done so far: - larger welded intercooler - rebuilt turbo - all new silicone hoses on the intake - cleaned intake manifold - new steel glow plugs - custom made Dawes & Needle turbo control, removed ECU control, set at max 1.2 bar - blocked EGR - new fuel filter housing - new geniune maf sensor - EGT and boost gauges - 2.5" exhaust sys
  5. Target


  6. Greetings from Croatia! Name is Andrej, I have LWB y61 3.0 y2000, will give more detailed description in the gallery. Happy to found europe based forum about our dear Patrols, getting tired of reading australian forums Looking forward to good talks I call him Bigfoot
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